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Full Version: Stolen Bike Register
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As a pillion partner of someone who had his P&J VFR 800 stolen last night I located the following site for registering stolen bikes:

Its a joint BMF/Police venture (sadly just the Met at the mo)..but it may be useful in the's what it hopes to do (copied directly from the site !) :-

"Enables a detailed description of property to be 'attached' to the police report by loser (Rightful owner they mean.."Pins")
Provides a detailed search tool for police
Attaches security tagging / marking information to the record automatically
Allows photographic images to be attached
Automatically identifies possible matches and notifies relevant party
Allows identification of individual parts if a machine is broken
Allows public participation in the investigation of crime

Following the theft, the 'owner' can log on to the website and, having followed a registration process, complete a comprehensive description of their motor cycle over and above that facilitated by the initial police report. "

I'd read about this in bike mag .. here's hoping it helps... fcrossed.gif
this is now a dead link... having just checked....
This works.
Seems like a good idea to me.

register your bike
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